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This is a community of FIRST, where the students go through the different elements of robotics along with the help of our amazing mentors. We would love for you to join us!


On The Talon, there are many different things to do to fulfill your interest. Whether you are interested in the engineering aspect of robotics, or the other end of the spectrum where you can plan out events and raise money for the team, The Talon has something for you to do. Look below to see what you can do to help out on the team!


Public Relations





Develops 3-D conceptualizations of the robot's physical mechanisms and creates blueprints for Fabrication

Seek out sponsors and set up events and fundraisers to earn money and food for our team, and also work on the website.

Uses Java code to help the robot execute commands such as driving, sensor triggering, and arm movement.

Brings the robot to life with wiring and components giving,  the robot power and function

Manufactures and assembles  mechanisms of the robot from designs developed by CAD with tools and machinery

Works with digital media to document team progress and outreach events while working with Public Relations to produce outreach materials

For more info on how to mentor The Talon, click here to email us directly. More info will be up soon.

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